Three Hours to a New Home Office
“It would have been very, very difficult (if not impossible) to try to tackle that clean-out project on my own, and I absolutely never could have gotten it done in 3 hours. It is so nice to be able to walk by that room, and see it clear, with the door open. What remains there now feels manageable, vs. the feelings of embarrassment, overwhelm and paralysis that room gave me before.”
E.P., Boston, Mass. 

And the Oscar Goes To… 
“Unbelievable performance by Rhea. Every once in a while, you stumble into the good fortune of being able to work with a person who delivers exactly as you would have hoped. And who does it in an easy and comfortable way, full of integrity. Rhea Becker has been exactly that person for me. Rhea has found a niche discipline that she is great at and has a lot of passion for – clearly understanding the profound improvement in a person’s life that her ‘de-cluttering’ can bring. Cannot possibly recommend Rhea highly enough.”
M.C., Peabody, Mass. 

Nervous To Make the Call; Now Thrilled I Did 
“I was really discouraged about ever getting rid of the clutter in my condo. Then a colleague of mine recommended Rhea. I was nervous to make the first call, but once she arrived and we began to work, I felt more at ease. We’ve worked together for several months now, and the changes have been incredible! First, my kitchen, then my closets, then my bedroom. I thought it would take years. I’m thrilled to say that I have reclaimed my home. Rhea has an upbeat, can-do attitude that helps the process flow along. There is no question that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”
G.B., Boston, Mass.

Helped Me to Let Go
“Rhea is a pleasure to work with! She has a very gentle approach; she didn’t pressure me to get rid of things, but started with simply organizing what was there (in my basement). Once she organized the boxes and stuff that was there, it became clearer to me what I could let go of. At that point, Rhea didn’t stand over me and coach me as to what to decide, but worked on other things while I sorted through smaller things myself, making decisions about what to do. Rhea is very supportive, very clear-thinking and very hardworking.”
K.S., Cambridge, Mass.

Thanks for the Motivation
“I just wanted to thank you so much for working with me to declutter my office.  You gave me the insight and motivation to continue.  And I’ve gotten rid of lots of unnecessary paperwork, cleaned out my small file cabinet, collected more for Goodwill, and am now starting on the bookcase. It feels great to get rid of excess stuff!  Thanks!”
C.M., Cambridge, Mass.

A No-Judgment Zone
“I called Rhea to help me with decluttering. I wanted my partner to move in with me and I knew I needed to create some space in my house that she could call her own before I could even ask. Besides that, the stuff in the closet of my spare bedroom and the papers and old magazines in my office were overwhelming to me. I hated going into my office because it was so unsettling to be faced with the mess. “Rhea came over and went through everything with me. I was scared when she first came. I thought I would feel judged about all my stuff. But it wasn’t like that. She was very kind and nonjudgmental and was a great sounding board about what I might want to keep or get rid of. She also made great suggestions, teaching me more about the web and how I could get things online rather than let the paper build up in piles that I clearly could not read or even sift through. She taught me something I use to this day: if I have not used something for a year I should really consider getting rid of it. That standard has stayed with me over the years and helped me continue to get rid of stuff I didn’t really need. It has given me a lot more room in my house to have things I really love and use and has made me feel lighter overall and less weighed down. I would recommend Rhea wholeheartedly to help with decluttering. She was great to work with and left me with lifelong new skills.”
I.B., Roslindale, Mass.

Transformed My Life
“When I first contacted Rhea, I have to admit, I panicked. I knew I had a problem, but I was terrified to let anyone come into my home and handle my things. As soon as we met to work together, I felt my anxiety decrease. Rhea not only knew how to get me started on the path to decluttering but she knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. I felt I could trust her right away with my things. We ended up transforming several rooms in my home. I couldn’t have done it without her. Even better, I have learned lessons from Rhea that have stayed with me. I can get through piles of clutter by myself with the skills I’ve learned.
“I would not hesitate to recommend Rhea to anyone who needs to transform their life by removing the clutter from their environment.”
L.S., Providence, R.I.

Rediscovered My Home
“Rhea came and knew exactly what to do. We went through papers quickly and got stuff off the floor. We went through my bookshelves, which has books piled up and stuffed in them, and managed to create space. We filled lots of boxes with books and she took them to donate. My apartment looks so much better now!”
B.B., Somerville, Mass.

Result? An Office That’s Inviting to Work In
“I have worked with Rhea numerous times and plan to continue the work we have begun because of the support she has given me in sorting and purging my office. She is focused and organized. Each work session results in an office space that is less cluttered, more functional, and more inviting to work in.”
M.E., Boston, Mass.