About the Clutter Queen

The Queen has 15 years of experience helping people reduce the clutter in their lives. A journalist by profession, the Queen is accustomed to organizing words in sentences. Now, she will apply her organizational wizardry to your home, office or even filing cabinet.

Although never a packrat, the Queen had been known to keep old birthday cards, clothing she hadn’t worn in years, furniture she no longer liked. Then one day in the late 1990s, the Queen read a book on feng shui, the Chinese practice of changing one’s environment to enhance your well-being. Next, she read several books on clutter. She was intrigued. She started with the top of the refrigerator, that spot in almost everyone’s house that attracts all manner of junk. When she sorted through the little piles of stuff, she was off to the races! She felt a lightness and sense of freedom that was addicting. She spent the next two months literally lining the sidewalk each garbage day with items she decided to discard. So, she knows what it’s like to break the connection between you and a once-beloved object.

The Queen (a.k.a. Rhea Becker) is a Boston-based writer and editor.